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Family Law Issues LA
Default Prove Up Hearings

In Los Angeles Divorce matters, the court provides the Respondent with 30 days to respond… Continue reading Default Prove Up Hearings

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disclosure  Lawyer Los Angeles Ca
Disclosures are Mandatory

Family Code Section 2104 provides that all parties must exchange the preliminary declaration of disclosures.… Continue reading Disclosures are Mandatory

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Transmutation issues arise with the parties residence more than any other asset in a divorce.… Continue reading Transmutation

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Common Family Law Myths

Debunking Family Law Myths: Myth #1: Prenuptial Agreements are Difficult to Enforce This is not… Continue reading Common Family Law Myths

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Detailed Law
Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment

I always have clients asking me the following questions:  Can I get an annulment?  And,… Continue reading Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment

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Child protecton  Lawyer Los Angeles Ca
Abduction Orders

If you believe that the parent of your child will be taking the child out… Continue reading Abduction Orders

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