The Honorable Judge Hank Goldberg of the Los Angeles Superior Court Signs Kim K Divorce Judgment


The Honorable Judge Hank Goldberg of the Los Angeles Superior Court Signs Kim K Divorce Judgment

Kim Kardashian is finally divorced. The divorce judgment was signed by the Honorable Judge Hank Goldberg of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Although, Kris Humphries wanted an annulment, based on the allegation the divorce was a fraud and a big publicity stunt, the couple were divorced. There is a difference between an annulment and a divorce. An annulment would actually make the marriage void, as if it never happened, and the parties were never married. Whereas, a divorce terminates the marriage.

The terms of the settlement are confidential so we are not sure whether any assets were divided, spousal support was provided, or attorney’s fees were given but it can be safe to assume that because the marriage was so short the parties just walked away and incurred the cost of their own attorney’s fees. This is just an assumption but a good one given the circumstances of their 72 day marriage.

It is my understanding that the deposition of Kim K. was taken along with her mother and other individuals. To prove fraud on the part of Kim would require a lot of evidence which Kris Humphries probably could not gather. I know that he tried to gather evidence from the E! Network and they did not provide it. They most likely argued that the information he sought was proprietary and confidential information, objected to the subpoenas and moved for a protective order which was probably granted.

Kim K. filed for divorce in 2011 and this 72 day short marriage took 2 years to divorce. It was a rash decision on her part which was costly and expensive to dissolve. Since she has a daughter now with Kanye West it is important for the divorce to take place before the baby since there is a presumption that a baby born from marriage is presumed to the child of the husband, even if the parties are pending a divorce. Throughout this time, the child, according to law, would have presumed to be the child of Kris Humphries rather than Kanye West. This was a major concern to Kim K. as it should be. Now that she is divorced, Kanye can sign off on the birth certificate to become the presumed father.

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