Advice for Ashley Madison Hack Victims

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Advice for Ashley Madison Hack Victims

Are you a victim of the Ashley Madison hack? Ashley Madison is an online dating site meant for individuals in marriages who are looking to have a secretive affair. The release of all names of Ashley Madison members has now placed millions in a position contemplating a divorce. Here is some advice for those victims of the Ashley Madison Hack:

1. California is a “No Fault” state, this means that the State of California does not hear evidence pertaining to adultery, affairs or emotional distressing stemming from cheating when deciphering important issues such as child custody, support or dissolution of assets and debts;

2. You do not need to prove the adultery in order to get a divorce. This cheating would fall under the category of “irreconcilable differences” when finding cause of petition for divorce and the court does not hear any evidence pertaining to the cheating nor would it find it relevant;

3. Can you get restitution from Ashley Madison for putting up the website? Most likely, no. There would be no grounds for which someone could sue Ashley Madison. Unless, the site guaranteed that it was hack proof, which I doubt it did, then the perpetrators do not have a claim. The victims would not have a claim either as it is just a forum designed for what is morally wrong but not necessarily legally wrong.

4. My advice for anyone whose husband or wife was on the Ashley Madison site and presumably cheating or attempting to cheat is to decipher whether your marriage is over at that point. Call a divorce attorney such as Maryam Atighechi, Esq. of the Atighechi Law Group to assess your options pertaining to any child custody, support or dissolution of assets and debt issues. Once you have consulted with an attorney who is knowledgeable in family law you can make an informed decision as to whether divorce is the right option for you.

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