2012 Marriage Protection Act

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2012 Marriage Protection Act

The 2012 Marriage Protection Act was a ballot measure put into place by John Marcotte of California to ban divorce in the state. It is not known if this act would be considered a serious ballot measure or a joke but with a 75% divorce rate in California the ban could never work. If 694,354 registered voters in California sign the petition for the Marriage Protection Act by December 9, voters will see this initiative on the ballot. John Marcotte is a Christian political activist who has started an anti-divorce movement. John Marcotte might be trying to get a message across by initiating this ballot (he must know that this act would never work or be taken seriously) but after Proposition 8 John Marcotte’s statement is: “If you want to protect traditional marriage, don’t stop gay people from getting married, stop straight people from getting divorced,” John Marcotte told ABC News. Placing humor on the ballot for the next election might be a good way to get a message across. As a family law attorney who assists couples in their divorce on a daily basis banning divorces would not help the sanctity of marriage. By the time couples come to my office there is no hope for reconcilliation. The marriage is over.

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